Amit Srivastava is the Coordinator of India Resource Center and the Director of Global Resistance. Amit has been involved in social movements for the last 20 years. Amit coordinated the Climate Justice Initiative and International Programs at CorpWatch from 1997-2002. Prior to CorpWatch, Amit worked as Community Organizer with the Asian Immigrant Women Advocates (AIWA) in California, working with low-income, Chinese immigrant women working in the garment industry. He has also served as the National Organizer and Training Director with the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC), the largest student environmental organization in the US at the time. His writing has appeared in various newspapers including The Toronto Star, The Montreal Gazette, and The San Francisco Chronicle and Amit has appeared on various radio and TV outlets, including CNN and BBC.

A dynamic speaker, Amit speaks regularly on a variety of issues related to globalization and social movements, and has spoken at over 100 colleges and universities in the US and the UK, as well as numerous conferences internationally.

The Wall Street Journal has credited Mr. Srivastava as being "a central figure in a burgeoning global campaign.......that has cost it (Coca-Cola company) millions of dollars in lost sales and legal fees in India, and growing damage to its reputation elsewhere."

Based in San Francisco, California, Amit spends a considerable amount of time working with social movements around the world, particularly in India.



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