Coke's Water World

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
June 11, 2003

Coke has two "international" bottled waters: Dasani, which is sold predominantly in North and South America, and Bonaqua, available mainly in Europe. Dasani was first introduced in 1999. Bonaqua has been around since the late 1980s. Here are details about some -- but not all -- of Coke's other waters, including a few owned or partly owned by Coke bottlers:

Country: Australia
Brand name: Mount Franklin
Note: Owned and distributed by bottler Coke Amatil

Country: Australia
Brand name: Neverfail
Note: This isn't part of Coke yet but could be: Coke Amatil is making a bid to buy the company

Country: Australia
Brand name: Pump
Note: Developed in 2000

Country: Belgium
Brand name: Chaudfontaine
Note: Atlanta-based bottler Coca-Cola Enterprises has announced plans to buy this brand

Country: Chile
Brand name: Vital
Note: Acquired in 1995; no. 2 brand in Chile

Country: China
Brand name: Sensation
Note: Dates to 2001

Country: Great Britain
Brand name: Malvern
Note: Very old brand; acquired in 1999

Country: Greece
Brand name: Avra and Lyttos
Note: Sold by bottler Coca-Cola HBC

Country: Hungary
Brand name: NaturAqua
Note: Newly launched this year

Country: India
Brand name: Kinley
Note: Developed in 2000

Country: Indonesia
Brand name: Ades
Note: Acquired in 1999

Country: Japan
Brand name: Nihon Alps Mori No Mizudayori
Note: Dates to 1999

Country: Mexico
Brand name: Ciel
Note: Developed in 1997 and enlarged through Coke's 2002 purchase of another brand, Risco (this name is being phased out)

Country: Poland
Brand name: Multivita
Note: Acquired by Coke and bottler Coca-Cola HBC this year

Country: Romania
Brand name: Dorna
Note: Acquired by Coke and bottler Coca-Cola HBC this year

Country: Switzerland
Brand name: Valser
Note: Acquired by Coke and bottler Coca-Cola HBC in 2002

Country: Turkey
Brand name: Turkuaz
Note: Developed in 2001

Country: United States
Brand name: Dannon
Note: Part of a Coke joint venture inked in 2002 with Groupe Danone

Country: United States
Brand name: Evian
Note: Sold in North America as part of a marketing and distribution agreement signed in 2002 with Groupe Danone

Country: Venezuela
Brand name: Nevada
Note: Dates to 1996

Sources: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola bottlers, staff research

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