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Community groups from India joined forces at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India, from January 16-21, 2004, to bring attention to Coca-Cola's abuses in India. A pattern has emerged as a result of Coca-Cola's practices in India -- communities in and around Coca-Cola's facilities are facing severe water shortages and the scarce water that remains has been polluted by Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has also been "giving away" the solid waste it produces -- as "fertilizer" to the farmers in the area. Tests have confirmed that the waste is toxic! And the Indian government has just confirmed that Coca-Cola (and Pepsi) products in India contain excessive amounts of pesticides, sometimes more than 30 times allowed by the European Union standards! There is a strong, grassroots resistance to Coca-Cola's abuses in India, and you can support the struggle to hold Coca-Cola accountable by visiting the India Resource Center website regularly.

The following are images from the People's Forum Against Coca-Cola at the World Social Forum. Click on the thumbnails to get a larger image. Please provide credit if you do use the images.

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