Jal Adhikar Yatra - Water Rights March

Pepsi- Coke Bhagao, Pani Bachao Abhiyan
Throw Pepsi-Coke Out, Save Water Movement

September 10 - October 5, 2006
Varanasi to New Delhi

September 10, 2006: A vehicle yatra will be taken out from the Coca-Cola plant in Mehdiganj, District Varanasi beginning on 10th September, 2006 and ending on 3th October, 2006 outside the national Coca-Cola headquarters at Gurgaon. Coca-Cola and Pepsico plants are guilty of exploiting groundwater to such a dangerous extent that they are causing water shortages. 90% of the wells and 43% of the handpumps in a radius of 3 km from the plant in Mehdiganj have been affected by the Coca Cola plant here.

In addition, these plants produce toxic sludge containing Cadmium, Chromium and Lead posinng serious threat of contamination of the groundwater and to human health. Study by a scientist in Kerala shows that the average weight of new born children in the vicinity of the Coca-Cola plant has gone down by 200 gms.

These companies use unethical ways of doing business and are known to influence political parties, officials and the media so that no action is taken against them. They have encroached upon Gram Sabha lands, defaulted on payment to the government to the extent of crores of Rupees, indulge in labour rights violations and discriminatory practices.

Because of the unhealthy nature of drinks and its unethical practices, schools and universities across states in India, U.S., England and Canada are placing a ban on sales of products of these companies.

The farmers of India and students on campuses in North America are against privatization of water and are determined to fight to put these companies out of business. The yatra from the Coca-Cola plant in Mehdiganj, Varanasi to the national Coca-Cola headquarters in Gurgaon is a campaign signaling the beginning of the end of Coca-Cola and Pepsico in India. You are requested to join this campaign and boycott the products of these companies so that it becomes uneconomical for them to stay here.

The yatra is organized by Lok Samiti and National Alliance of People’s Movements.

Nandlal, Lok Samiti & NAPM, Mehdiganj, Raja Talab, Varanasi, UP 221311, Ph: 542-2632433, Mobile: 9415300520, 9839017693, e-mail: napm_up@yahoo.com
Sandeep, Asha Parivar & NAPM, A-893, Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226016, Ph: 522-2347365, Mobile: 9415022772, 9839073355, e-mail: ashaashram@yahoo.com

Yatra Schedule and local contacts:

10th September, 2006, afternoon, Mehdiganj, Nandlal, Varanasi, 9415300520, 9839017693
10th September, 2006, evening, Chirai Gaon, Surendra, Varanasi, 0542 2616289
11th September, 2006, afternoon, Ghazipur, Brij Bhushan Dubey, 9450722021
11th September, 2006, evening, Mau, Arvind Murti, 9839835032
12th September, 2006, afternoon, Sinhachawar, Ballia, Balram, 9450532465
12th September, 2006, evening, Ballia, Balram, 9450532465
13th September, 2006, afternoon, Deoria, Keshav, 9839883518
13th September, 2006, evening, Gorakhpur, Manoj Singh, 9415282206
14th September, 2006, afternoon, Faizabad, Dinesh Singh, 9415984507
15th September, 2006, afternoon, Barabanki, Santosh Mal, 05248 229416
15th September, 2006, evening, Sultanpur, Sanjay Singh, 9838698664
16th September, 2006, afternoon, Jaunpur, Sachin Agarwal, 9415255042
16th September, 2006, evening, Jaunpur, Sachin Agarwal, 9415255042
17th September, 2006, afternoon, Satharia, Jaunpur, Sachin Agarwal, 9415255042
17th September, 2006, evening, Allahabad, Manoj Tyagi, 9415279612
18th September, 2006, afternoon, Chitrakoot, Madhavi, 9415104361
19th September, 2006, afternoon, Banda, Sanjay Singh, 9415114151
19th September, 2006, evening, Jhansi, Krishna Gandhi, 9415057538, Sanjay Singh, 9415114151
20th September, 2006, afternoon, Kanpur, Mahesh, 9838546900
21st September, 2006, afternoon, Lucknow, Arundhati Dhuru, 9415022772, Bobby Ramakant, 9839073355
22nd September, 2006, afternoon, Hardoi, Radhey Shyam Kapoor, 9838646247
22nd September, 2006, evening, Sitapur, Arunesh Mishra, 9415164773, Ramsagar Verma, 9451209863
23rd September, 2006, afternoon, Shahjahanpur, Ramesh Bhaiyya, 9415035035
24th September, 2006, afternoon, Muradabad, Prem, 9412839020
25th September, 2006, afternoon, Muzaffarnagar, Munesh Gupta, 9837144590
26th September, 2006, afternoon, Meerut, Krishna Kumar Khanna, 0121 2763037, 2773298
27th September, 2006, afternoon, Aligarh, Abdul Hafiz Gandhi, 9897756081
28th September, 2006, afternoon, Hathras, Sachindra Kumar Singh
28th September, 2006, evening, Mathura, Manoj Vashistha, 9319902596
29th September, 2006, afternoon, Dr. Manorma Sharma, 9412259491, Rajeshwar, 9871602612
30th September, 2006, afternoon, Bharatpur, Sawai Singh, 9413200044
1st October, 2006, afternoon, Kala Dera, Rameshwar Kudi, 9414049053, Mukuj Yogi, 9829936140
2nd October, 2006, afternoon, Jaipur, Sawai Singh, 9413200044
3rd – 5th October, Delhi, Rajendra Ravi, 9868200316, Faisal, 9313106745, Shreeprakesh, 9818030423, Rajeshwar, 9871602612

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