Sale of River Bhavani

The Ganga is not the only river whose water is being privatized to satisfy corporate greed. River Bhavani - an important tributary of Cauvery- has been sold by the Tamil Nadu government to Kinley - the brand name under which Coca-Cola sells bottled drinking water. This sale has been effected by the government even while the state is reeling under severe drought, ground water levels have reached depths of over 1,000 ft., and water riots and water-related murders have become an everyday occurrence.

The sale of the river, which was a major source of water for the people of the region, has been routed through Poonam Beverages, a new firm belonging to the Coimbatore-based Annapooma Hotels, who will draw 1,00,000 liters/day to supply it to Kinley, Coca Cola's bottled water. The annual fees that Poonam Beverage has paid the government is a mere Rs. 5,00,000 (approx US$ 10,000), for which hundreds of thousands of people are being denied a vital resource, that is their natural right, and without which they cannot survive.

Source: Navdanya

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Updated: 11/28/2003

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